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Vision For Life

Posted on 29 October, 2019 at 15:10


 If You have known me for any length of time , you know I am nearsighted . I have to wear thick glasses when my eyes are dry and itchy and I can't wear my contacts .

I am glad I live in a time period I can get my glasses and contact prescription , so strong . If I lived 70 years ago , I would have been blind .I am grateful with glasses and contacts, I can see .

We can also have spiritual blindness , sometimes we are have blind spots .Things that other see and you don't 

The Bible says without a vision the people perish .

What are your blind spots ? The area we don't see or don't choose to see! Are blind spots more like denial ?

Basically , denial is not acknowledging the reality of a situation.

 Could it be you are in a bad situation at work or in a marriage ? You keep telling yourself it is not that bad. Is how you see things reflected in your attitude ? If a person is happy or joyful would they interpret their reality differently that someone that is depressed?

  There is a old hymn , Be though my vision . Our God has a perspective ,we don't see , he sees from beginning to end .Sometimes , we don't see the forest for the trees.

This week, think about your vision , affects everything you do. Let's be grateful ,and ask God to give us his vision ,and see things his way .Romans 8:28 

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